Fire safety has long been a pressing priority for business owners across Milton Keynes, although it has arguably never been more so than it is now.

Today, those running a company have a great legal, moral and financial duty to ensure that everyone using their commercial premises is as safe as can be reasonably assured, and our own fire protection coatings in MK can play a great role in this.

How can we help you to keep your building safe?

You might not imagine that a mere commercial painting service could do much to enhance the safety of your firm’s buildings, but the fire-resistant coatings that we can provide here at Professional Painters MK can make a much bigger difference than you think.

Many businesses in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas that we serve – such as Bedford, Aylesbury and Luton – have plasterboard walls or ceilings that may not be compliant with current fire rating standards.

This is where a little thing known as intumescent painting can come in useful. This type of paint chars and swells up when exposed to fire, which creates an insulating coating that then protects any materials from the heat the fire generates.

If your company has lath and plaster or plasterboard walls that are then given a coating of intumescent paint, you can have confidence that even if a fire strikes, the integrity of these walls will be preserved. However, different application methods and film thicknesses are needed for different substrates, and we can advise you on exactly what we will do with your own business’s walls.

Contact us now for your free quotation

Wherever your business is based, whether it’s in Milton Keynes or the surrounding towns, you can be sure of a prompt response, a competitive & fully detailed quote and a professional service from start to finish. We will guide you through the process involved in the application of fire protective coatings, explaining all aspects of the job and together we can ensure that your place of work meets all of its legal requirements.

In fact, we will give you a quote completely free when you contact us about our fire resistant painting process. We serve offices, factories, retail premises, restaurants, hotels and many more businesses throughout the locality with a complete service – even out of hours if required.

So, why look to any other company specialising in fire protection coatings in or around MK?