While the painting of the inside of your office, factory, industrial unit, retail store or other commercial premises may seem to be a simple enough endeavour, the truth is that this is one task about which you cannot afford to be complacent.

After all, it is absolutely crucial to the reputation of your business or organisation to get your painting and decorating right, so every measure must be taken to avoid an unsightly result.

Every painting assignment is different

There is a certain difficulty in a company like ours advising you on how to prepare your commercial building’s interior for repainting, in that no painting job is quite the same as another. After all, no commercial building is quite the same as another!

However, when painting one or several rooms of your organisation’s premises, certain key preparatory principles apply. These include clearing each room of as many furnishings, decorations, light and outlet covers as possible, to minimise not only the likelihood of these items inadvertently becoming ruined with paint, but also your general ease of movement as you paint the space.

If there are certain items that you are unable to move entirely out of the room, the next-best option is to leave them in the centre of the space, covering them in plastic to shield them from any potential paint splatters. You should take care to ensure that the items are completely concealed, as paint can easily reach areas that you may have never expected it to reach.

Other good tips for preparing a commercial space for painting range from the thorough cleaning of the floors – including vacuuming, mopping and the removal of any cobwebs or dust – to the taping off of any adjacent walls, light switches, woodwork or other areas that you do not wish to be painted.

The most professional painting and decorating services in Aylesbury

Even when you take every obvious precaution to ensure the readiness of your commercial space for painting, there is always the chance of things going wrong. That’s precisely why, instead of taking on such arduous and specialised work yourself, you may entrust our own immensely capable painters & decorators in Aylesbury with this all-important task.

We adopt all of the measures necessary to prepare your own business’s interiors for painting or decorating, right down to the use of the most thoroughly clean or even new rollers and brushes when high-performance paints are to be applied, as well as vacuuming or sandblasting to remove any debris, dust or grease prior to painting.

In short, we are the best-prepared painters & decorators in Aylesbury here at Professional Painters MK, and when you get in touch with us today, we can give you the benefit of a free, detailed and highly competitive quote.