It’s fair to say that the flooring of an industrial setting such as a warehouse or factory needs to be extremely tough, durable and long-lasting. Industrial flooring must be able to withstand significant and continuous pressures over its lifetime, likely to include not only foot traffic but also vehicles, standing machinery and equipment. 

Certainly, when such remarkable durability and hardness is required from your own firm’s floor, you can’t do better than the epoxy coatings that we are pleased to provide here at Professional Painters MK.

But are you even talking to the right people?

Naturally, once you become aware of your firm’s needs for new flooring, you will want to be able to talk to seasoned and informed industrial flooring experts – the kind of people who can guide you through the options that might best suit your premises.

That means you’ll need to investigate the various industrial flooring specialists out there. When you choose Professional Painters MK, it isn’t just a high level of expertise in the various available epoxy coating solutions that we can give you the benefit of – it’s also the utmost professionalism in our relationship with you from start to finish.

As soon as you get in touch with one of our industrial flooring experts by calling 0800 011 4909 or emailing, we will discuss the possibilities with you and devise a quote that covers absolutely everything we will do to your flooring. By being clear about this from the outset, we will help to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes and ensure you get the best value for money from your new industrial flooring.

Epoxy flooring comes in many useful forms

We take pride in being open and honest in our communication with our clients, precisely because it’s so important to get your new industrial flooring right. This is a massive investment for your company, after all, and you might not know everything there is to know about the latest developments in epoxy flooring.

This is why our industrial flooring experts are happy to talk to you about how we will ensure your new flooring looks great and minimises necessary maintenance, as well as about the various types of epoxy coating we offer.

You might not have been aware of the latest fast turnover, rapid curing solutions, for instance, or of the high-traffic coatings that deliver genuinely industrial-strength chemical and scratch resistance. We can add anti-slip components to your new flooring, too.

It really couldn’t be easier to take advantage of our epoxy flooring solutions here at Professional Painters MK! Simply contact our industrial flooring experts now to talk to us about your needs.