Specialist Finishes

At Painters MK we offer a wide variety of specialist finishes to suit all of your commercial needs. Ouspecialistfinishes1r teams are highly qualified in all aspects of specialist coating application and our management team have the experience to advise and implement your requirements.

Specialist Coatings that we can offer are as follows:

Hygienic Coatings

Painters MK are highly experienced in application of a vast range of hygienic coatings. These coatings can be easily applied to internal surfaces, including stripped plasterboard, painted concrete and ceramic tile, in order to give the substrates antibacterial properties.

Hygienic Coatings are the perfect solution for premises requiring high levels of saquoterequest_248nitation, such as medical facilities, restaurant kitchens and care homes, as they reduce bacteria and mould levels by up to 99.99%

Modern advances in technology ensure that hygienic coatings are effective against the likes of MRSA, Salmonella and E-Coli, improving health and safety standards significantly. Painters MK are pleased to be able to offer you these applications.

All products used by us are extremely durable and easy to clean and they also dry very quickly in order to minimise disruption during installation.
We use products that are right for the job and can even apply coatings that offer highly resistant properties tspecialist2o harsh chemicals, so strong cleaning products can be used without the fear of abrasion. The Internal Hygiene Coatings also achieve a class 0 fire rating over non-combustabe substrates.

Let Painters MK take the pressure off the job and provide expert advice and solutions to all of your Hygienic needs.

Fire Resilient Coatings for Plasterboard, Plaster and Lath

If your property or development has plasterboard walls or ceilings that need to conform to current fire rating standards, it is worth considering the use of a specialist intumescent coating. A fire resistant coating forms a protective layer on combustion, keeping the integrity of plasterboard or lath and plaster. Different substrates require different application methods, film thicknesses and end results and we can advice and provide these for you. This coating is particularly valuable for jobs such as historical properties where old plaster surfaces and features cannot be taken out due to listed building regulations.

Let Painters MK provide the help and advice required for you. Call today for a free quotation.

Intumescent Coatings For Steel Structuresspecialist3

Painters MK specialize in Intumescent coating for steel structures. More and more buildings are using this special coating and it is becoming part of the requirements connected with the building code compliance. In the advent of a fire the Imtumescent paint expands up to 50 times its thickness to form a char layer or insulating layer, the char keeps the steel structural integrity below critical temperature and therefore stabilises the steel structure of the building.

We are an approved contractor in the application of Intumescent coatings and work with Architects and Designers to make sure buildings are safe and approved in case of fire. Call us today.

Magnetic Paint & White Board Application

Many modern offices are looking for new ways to integrate practicality with aesthetics. We offer a specialist4hard wearing, white board coating applied directly to the office walls. The coating is easily wipe clean and extremely hard wearing. Many of our customers have opted to also have an application of ‘magnetic paint’ applied under the white board coating.

The magnetic paint acts as a primer coat, it is full of small specks of iron which attracts magnets. This is ideal for using fridge magnets to hang paper on the wall and with the added white board layer means that you literally can write directly onto the walls when brain storming or creating business plans!

We highly recommend this process for any office environment as it creates an extremely practical solution and helps your staff to unlock their potential ideas!

We are extremely competitively priced and alongside our ‘OUT OF HOURS’ service could install these products with a minimum disruption to your business. 

Call us to speak to one of our specialists on  0800 011 4909, e-mail us at info@paintersmk.co.uk or fill out the form here. We can provide a fast quote with a breakdown of all the work to be undertaken from start to finish.