When you are responsible for a heavy industrial environment such as a factory, it’s vital to carry out the necessary maintenance to preserve its condition, so that your organisation’s work can continue unhindered and at the maximum level of productivity.

Certainly, the floor is one of the areas of a factory that comes under the greatest sustained pressure from day to day, which is why – when you require a factory floor painting service – you need to choose a company that knows what it is doing.

Factory floors have highly specialised needs

If you need to have the floor of your factory painted, there’s little point in approaching a company that will simply apply a single pack ‘off the shelf’ product without a proper survey of the area and with no consideration to the preparation required. For a durable finish and the correct application of paints, the preparation is absolutely paramount to the success of the job which is why we provide an initial survey. If this key issue is overlooked then the floor coating will fail!

This is where our seasoned and skilled painting professionals here at Professional Painters MK can serve your factory with distinction. Whether your industrial premises are in Milton Keynes, Luton, Bedford or Aylesbury, we will provide the same impeccable standard of factory floor painting, prioritising both the aesthetics and the all-important functionality of such a workmanlike setting.

We have the knowledge and experience needed to select the right paint type for the given environment, time and time again, which is why we consistently choose epoxy floor coatings when called to paint factories.

With your newly painted factory floor, you should have no worries

Epoxy paint offers an incredibly wide range of advantages for factories, not least the ability to withstand continuous traffic and significant loads from standing machinery and equipment or moving vehicles.

When your factory floor is continually subject to the pressures of the likes of trolley and forklift truck traffic and a lot of foot traffic as well, it helps to choose a solution that offers remarkable industrial strength chemical and scratch resistance. Indeed, we can even add anti-slip components to the paint that we use on your factory floor to further enhance its functionality.

All of this combines with the usual thoroughly prompt, punctual and professional service that we offer to all of our commercial clients. Request your free quote today, and you will soon begin to realise just what makes Professional Painters MK such an unparalleled option for the highest quality factory floor painting.